(#1681) The Rift

By chance, Esther meets her friend Becky in Brent Cross shopping centre.
"Well fancy seeing you here," says Esther,
"I haven’t seen you for at least a year. How’s everything?"

"Oh fine …. I suppose," replies Becky.

"What do you mean by ‘I suppose’?" asks Esther.

"Well," replies Becky, "my sister Rachel is very ill and is in hospital.
I’ve just come back from visiting her."

"Oh, I’m sorry to hear it," says Esther.
"Is Rachel the sister who’s not been speaking to you for some time?"

"Yes," replies Becky, "she fell out with me some 2 years ago
and she hasn’t spoken a word to me since."

"So why did you visit her?" asks Esther.

"My sister Rachel is almost impossible to deal with," replies Becky.
"When she’s broyges, she stays broyges, no matter what. But she’s very ill and my son Arnold begged me to go see her, and so I did."

"How did the visit go then?" asks Esther.

"As soon as I walked into her ward, she said to me,
"Becky, don’t think that coming here automatically changes anything between us.
Nevertheless, I want you to know that if I die, you're forgiven for all you've done to me.
But, if I get well, please God, then I’ll stay broyges with you."

broyges: angry